Four top-10 finishes for Paillé Course//Racing in Saskatoon

Four top-10 finishes for Paillé Course//Racing in Saskatoon

Photo credit: Matthew Manor

Saskatoon, SK, July 28, 2023 – Paillé Course//Racing scored a series of top-10s, on Wednesday, as the NASCAR Pinty’s series was at Sutherland Automotive Speedway, in Saskatoon, SK, to end its trip West with twin-125 races. Marc-Antoine Camirand scored third and fifth-place finishes, while Andrew Ranger comes home with two top-10, with sixth and 10th-place finishes.

 Marc-Antoine Camirand was pumped to be back on track in Saskatoon after his brilliant victory, last Saturday. During the practice session, that he ran on old tires, he felt that his GM Paillé/Chevrolet Canada n°96 Camaro could be very good on long runs, and then he qualified in fourth place for the first twin-125 race.

“It took some laps at the beginning of the race for my car to be as quick as the leaders. I ran some quick times, and I was able to climb back to third place during this first race. We score another podium finish,” told Camirand.

During the second 125-lap race, his car felt a little more difficult to handle. Sixth at the start, he dropped to eighth place after being caught on the outside groove at the start but managed to climb back positions.

With no yellow flag in this race, he still got back to fifth place, with an understeering car. “My car was really tight in this second race. I feel like I made the best of the equipment that I had. We had a very good trip West overall, with a win, a third and a fifth place, and we are now second in points. However, the points leader had a very good trip too, so he is pulling away in the standings, but now we are back at GP3R, where I want nothing but the win there, in front of my family, friends and fans,” concluded Camirand.

His Paillé Course//Racing teammate Andrew Ranger also scored two top-10s during this doubleheader. He scored a strong sixth-place finish in the first race, after starting from the eighth spot.

“My team worked all week on my car and it paid off. We’re finally happy to let mechanical problems behind, and we score a satisfying sixth-place finish,” said Ranger, who was at the wheel of the GM Paillé/Chevrolet Canada n° 27 Camaro.

During the second race, Ranger had a very understeering car. Starting seventh, he fought to keep his spot in the top-10. “Overall, we are showing progress after a very difficult beginning of the season. I am thrilled to go back to GP3R, where I have had great success in the past. I love this challenging street course that feels like home,” concluded Ranger.

Paillé Course//Racing now heads to one of the most important events of the year, as the NASCAR Pinty’s series hits the streets of Trois-Rivières, for the renowned Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières.

Paillé Course//Racing Shines in Toronto Double Top-Five for Camirand and Ranger

(Photos by Ray MacAloney/

Toronto, ON, July 16, 2023 – Paillé Course//Racing achieved a brilliant double top-five finish, Friday, as the NASCAR Pinty’s series was on the streets of Toronto, as part of the Honda Indy event. Marc-Antoine Camirand made a spectacular come back to achieve a podium finish after trouble in qualifying, while Andrew Ranger rounded off his race with a fifth-place finish.

 The day didn’t smart smoothly for the GM Paillé/Chevrolet Canada n°96 team. Marc-Antoine Camirand completed only two laps in practice, when a piece of the rear suspension broke on his car, causing sustainable damage to the driveshaft. The Camirand Performance team then spent the entire time remaining in the combined practice and qualifying session to repair the car, and fell sort to get the car back on track in time to post a qualifying lap.

18th on the grid, Camirand managed to climb back positions quickly in the 35-lap race. Around mid-race, he had climbed to the top five and his GM Paillé/Chevrolet Canada n°96 Camaro was the fastest car on the track. He then quickly closed up the gap between the leaders. “I was sitting third, and I was waiting for Kevin (Lacroix, in second place) to make a move. I would have taken the opportunity myself, but it never happened. My car was really fast at the end of the race,” stated Camirand.

Camirand finally scored a well-deserved podium finish. “My crew worked extremely hard all day to get my car rolling for the race and I had a very good car throughout the 35 laps. We are really happy of this great comeback,” concluded Camirand, who achieved his best finish at the Toronto race in the Pinty’s series.

His Paillé Course//Racing teammate, Andrew Ranger, also had a strong outing, finally leaving hard luck behind. Fastest in practice and second in qualifying, he was confident that his GM Paillé/Chevrolet Canada n°27 Camaro could battle for the win, as he had won three times before in the streets of Toronto in the NASCAR Pinty’s series.

“My car was very fast and I had a great battle with Tagliani for the lead. Around mid-race, I started to experience brake problems. At the end of the race, I was really struggling with my car and I was just trying to survive the last few laps,” told Ranger.

He finally scored a fifth-place finish, his best result to date this season. “I’ve had a very difficult beginning of the season. I knew I had a fast car, and I could have battled for the win, but I am still happy with this top-five finish,” concluded Ranger.

Paillé Course//Racing, with Marc-Antoine Camirand and Andrew Ranger, comes back in action as soon as next Saturday at Edmonton International Raceway, as the NASCAR Pinty’s series heads to its annual Western swing.

Solid Twin Races for Ranger, Camirand on the Podium but Suffers Engine Failure in the Second Race

Solid Twin Races for Ranger, Camirand on the Podium but Suffers Engine Failure in the Second Race

Saskatoon, SK, July 28, 2022 – Andrew Ranger had a very strong outing at Sutherland Automotive Speedway, posting two solid runner-up finishes as the NASCAR Pinty’s ended its trip West with Twin 125 races. Marc-Antoine Camirand also scored a strong third place finish for Paillé Course//Racing in the first race but suffered mechanical issues in the second.

Ranger has been quick all day on the short oval in Saskatoon, SK. He qualified his GM Paillé/Chevrolet Canada n°27 Camaro in second place, only 0,008 second from pole position. Ranger set up the pace early in the 125-race and took the lead of the field at lap 52.

He was on the top spot when a late caution forced the race into NASCAR Overtime. At the restart, he couldn’t hold his competitor who passed him on the outside and sealed a runner-up finish at the end of the first Leland 125 twin race.

“I had a very fast car. It’s a shame that we couldn’t hold the first place until the checkered flag, but we’re very happy with another strong result”, said Ranger.

After a quick break, the field was back on track for the second twin 125 race and the starting grid was set according to race one fastest times. Fifth at the start, Ranger stayed among the top runners and scored another second-place finish.

“We had a very good trip out West, with three podium finishes -one third place and two second places. We are heading to GP3R with momentum and hoping it continues that way for our biggest race this season”, said Ranger.

On his side, his Paillé Course//Racing teammate Marc-Antoine Camirand had a bittersweet day at Sutherland Automotive Speedway. After post-race inspection at Edmonton International Speedway, NASCAR issued a penalty to car n°96 regarding the mufflers, causing the loss of 12 Driver and Owner Championships points, as well as the suspension for one event of crew chief Robin McCluskey. The team is filling for appeal to this penalty. However, considering the short notice between the reception of the penalty and the event in Saskatoon, the timing was too short to defer the suspension of the crew chief, who served his suspension at Sutherland Automotive Speedway doubleheader.

During practice session, Camirand posted the 15th time, but felt his GM Paillé/Chevrolet Canada n°96 Camaro would be quick on the long run. He qualified in 10th place and started to gain some track positions early in the first race.

While fighting for a position, Camirand spun in turn one at lap 41 but managed to avoid any collision and stayed on track after falling to the 15th spot. He then climbed back the field and was running in a tight front pack when he avoided a late-race crash that happened just in front of him. Third when the race restarted for a green-white-checkered, he kept his place and scored his fourth podium finish this season.

“I’m happy with this second strong result during this trip out West. My car felt a little bit tight during the race, but I was able to avoid crashed during the race. We were in a good position at the end, and we’re happy with this podium finish”, said Camirand.

On the second 125-lap race, he was having a good pace early in the race after starting from 9th place. He was running in the top-five, posting fast lap times, but started to lose power on his engine. He retired from the race at lap 61 and scored a 20th-place finish.

“It is not the way we wanted to end the trip, but I guess it’s also part of racing. We’ll be ready to race in Trois-Rivières next week”, he concluded.

Andrew Ranger, Marc-Antoine Camirand and Paillé Course//Racing will be back in action for their biggest event of the year, on August 5-7, on the famous street course of the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières.

NCATS – Scott Steckly Wins 2015 Driver Championship

Final driver point standings for the 2015 #NCATS Season

Pos Driver Name Points Starts Wins
1 Scott Steckly 446 11 3
2 Jason Hathaway 442 11 3
3 Andrew Ranger 428 11 1
4 L.P. Dumoulin 420 11 0
5 D.J. Kennington 400 11 0
6 Gary Klutt * 383 11 1
7 Marc-Antoine Camirand * 382 11 0
8 J.F. Dumoulin 381 11 0
9 Alex Tagliani 356 9 1
10 Joey McColm 348 11 0
11 Matthew Scannell 326 11 0
12 Mark Dilley 239 7 0
13 Alex Labbe 229 6 0
14 Cayden Lapcevich * 197 6 0
15 Kevin Lacroix * 184 6 2
16 Anthony Simone 179 7 0
17 Erica Thiering * 167 6 0
18 Noel Dowler 134 4 0
19 James Van Domselaar 130 4 0
20 Kerry Micks 121 4 0
21 Jeff Lapcevich 119 3 0
22 Simon Dion-Viens * 119 4 0
23 Dave Coursol * 118 4 0
24 Larry Jackson 116 4 0
25 Dwayne Baker * 115 4 0
26 Ray Courtemanche Jr. 95 3 0
27 Kevin Poitras * 87 3 0
28 Adam Dowler * 87 3 0
29 Ryan Klutt * 72 3 0
30 Josh Collins * 66 2 0
31 Jamie Krzysik 60 2 0
32 Nick Jewell 57 2 0
33 Jocelyn Fecteau * 55 2 0
34 Jason Hankewich * 54 2 0
35 David Thorndyke 50 2 0
36 Patrice Brisebois 49 2 0
37 Jason White 48 2 0
38 Trevor Seibert 45 2 0
39 Carlos de Quesada * 42 2 0
40 Pier-Luc Ouellette * 36 1 0
41 D.J. Casey * 33 1 0
42 David Michaud * 32 1 0
43 Derek White 30 1 0
44 Charles Harvey * 30 1 0
45 Donald Chisholm 29 1 0
46 Olivier Bedard * 28 1 0
47 Brandon White * 27 1 0
48 Dennis LaForce * 26 1 0
49 Paul Jean * 25 1 0
50 Kevin O’Connell 23 1 0
51 Ryley Seibert 23 1 0
52 Elie Arseneau 22 1 0
53 Spencer Gallagher 22 1 0