Raphael Lessard dominates the early part of the race at Daytona before being pushed against the wall four laps from the finish, dropping him to 23rd at the end

Daytona (Florida, United States) – February 13, 2021. Raphael Lessard and GMS Racing showed how competitive the #24 Silverado Canac is at the Daytona International Speedway (Florida, United States), when the young driver won the first stage and finished second in the second stage of the race on Friday night, and gained 19 important bonus points towards the Championship. An incident while he was running 6th with four laps to go pushed him into the wall, dropping the damaged #24 Canac truck to 23rd at the finish.


The Race From the Driver’s Point of View

The race was a typical super oval event, with trucks running in two tight files that made it difficult to pass. Drivers needed to work as a team to gain ground, which the GMS Racing drivers did well throughout the event.

“After a good start, I kept my position for a few laps and then moved into first place on lap 13. We won the first 20-lap stage with the help of Sheldon Creed, my teammate and the reigning series champion. We worked well in the outside lane. The bonus points for such wins are important, and this is my first stage win ever,” explained Raphael Lessard.

“We almost won the second stage by being aggressive and with the help of my new observer, Tyler Monn, who is very good, as he helped me move up to second place at the end of the 20-lap stint. Everything was looking good for the rest of the race,” added Raphael Lessard.

“The last 60-lap stage forced everyone to make important decisions on when to make the one fuel stop that was needed to get to the finish. The team decided on a common strategy for all the GMS Racing drivers to ensure that we would continue to work effectively as a team as we made our way through the pack. We all made an early stop and were all together on the track for a final comeback. However, multiple caution periods late in the race allowed the other drivers to save fuel and make it to the end without stopping for fuel. We were now stuck behind the leaders and had to work very hard to get back to the front, even trying to start a third row on the outside with the help of my teammates, but that did not work. We did make up to the leaders with a handful of laps left in the race, but it was impossible to avoid the accident I was involved in. We all deserved better than that! “concluded a driver who was nevertheless very satisfied with his performance and that of the team.

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