@WCRacing – Grand Prix of Utah Saturday Race Results

Congratulations to Mark Wilkins and P.J. Groenke on their first place finishes in today’s races.

SprintX Round 7 , GTS Round 13 , TC/TCA/TCB Round 7

SprintX – GT Pro/Pro – 1st #93 Peter Kox/ Mark Wilkins RealTime Racing Acura NSX GT3

SprintX – GT Pro/Pro –9th #2 Ryan Dalziel/Daniel Morad CRP Racing Mercedes AMG GT3

SprintX – GT Pro/Am –17th #63 Aaron Povoledo/David Askew DXDT Racing Mercedes AMG GT3

SprintX – GT Am/Am – 20th #013 Drew Regitz/Kris Wilson R. Ferri Motorsports Ferrari 458 GT3

SprintX – GT Am/Am – 23rd #23 James Dayson/ Jason Bell M1GT Racing Audi R8 LMS Ultra

GTS – 4th #80 Martin Barkey Mantella Autosport KTM Xbow GT4

TC – 5th #2 Jayson Clunie Classic BMW BMW M235iR

TC – 7th #99 Karl Wittmer Honda Ste-Rose Racing Honda Accord

TC – 9th #91 Nick Wittmer ST Racing BMW M235iR

TC – 23rd #38 Samantha Tan ST Racing BMW M235iR

TCB – 1st #25 P.J. Groenke Tech Sport Racing Chevrolet Sonic

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