@WCRacing – Grand Prix of VIR Canadian Lineup

Here is the list of drivers and teams participating in next weekends Grand Prix of VIR:

Virginia International Raceway

April 27-30, 2017

Class Car # Driver Name Driver Hometown Team
SprintX – GT Pro/Pro 61 Alex Riberas/Kyle Marcelli Barcelona, Spain/Barrie, ON, CA R. Ferri Motorsport
SprintX – GT Pro/Pro 93 Peter Kox/ Mark Wilkins Eindhoven, Netherlands/Toronto, ON RealTime Racing
SprintX – GT Pro/Am 23 David Ostella/James Dayson Vancouver, BC/Toronto, ON M1GT Racing
SprintX – GT Pro/Am 63 Aaron Povoledo/David Askew Toronto, ON/Salt Lake City, UT DXDT Racing
SprintX – GTS Am/Am 018

Cameron Cassels/ Philip Bloom

Coldstream, BC/New York, NY

Case-it Racing@Ca

GTS 8 Anthony Mantella Toronto, ON Mantella Autosport
GTS 80 Martin Barkey Huntsville, ON Mantella Autosport
GTSA 89 Fred Roberts Toronto, ON JCR Motorsports
TC 38 Samantha Tan Gormley, ON ST Racing
TC 91 Nick Wittmer Montreal, Quebec, CA ST Racing
TC 99 Karl Wittmer Montreal, Quebec, CA Honda Ste-Rose Racing
TC 71 Paul Holton Orlando, FL C360R
TCB 25 P.J. Groenke Richmond Hill, ON Tech Sport Racing



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