IMSA #CTSC Race results from Sebring International Raceway

In today’s CTSC race Canadians came up with a first place and a pair of second place finishes. In the GS Class Trent Hindman and Cameron Cassels finished first with Scott Maxwell and Billy Johnson coming in second while Michael Valianti and Chad Gilsinger finished second in the ST Class.

GS Class

1st #12 Hindman/Cassels

2nd #15 Maxwell/Johnson

3rd #13 M.Plumb/H.Plumb

4th #76 Kleinubing/Holton Compass360 Racing

7th #33 D.Burkett/M.Miller

ST Class

1st #44 Trinkler/Cattaneo

2nd #93 Valianti/Gilsinger

3rd #84 Clay/Cooke

17th #52 Vance/Abdolvahabi

19th #18 Ruscitti/Song

23rd #75 Gimple/Block Compass360 Racing

26th #74 Rondet/McGuire Compass360 Racing

Canadians in BOLD

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