@IMSA CTSCC Race Results from the BMW Endurance Challenge @DISupdates

The Canadians participating in Friday’s BMW Endurance Challenge race finished as follows:

GS 3rd #15 S.Maxwell/C.Custer/T.Majeski Multimatic Motorsports

GS 11th #80 M.Barkey/B.Sandberg AWA

GS 13th #63 D.Askew/A.Povoledo

GS 14th #76 Compass Racing

GS 20th #69 J.Lazare/C.Fergus Motorsports In Action

GS 36th #60 N.Stacy/K.Marcelli Roush Performance/Kohr Motorsports

GS DNS #18 S.Pumpelly/D.Morad RS1

TCR 1st #77 Compass Racing

TCR 2nd #74 Kuno Wittmer/Rodrigo Sales Compass Racing

TCR 6th #75 Compass Racing

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