Canadian Superstar Maxx Ebenal takes highest finish for a Canadian Driver in 14 Year History of AFR

PRLog (Press Release) – Dec. 17, 2014 – CENTRAL DISTRICT, Hong Kong — Zhuhai International Circuit –

Some say that heroes are born into greatness, yet some say that heroes are made through hard work, and making their own luck, with God’s blessing.

Canadian superstar Maxx Ebenal is definitely from the latter.

This past race weekend, PS Racing’s young superstar driver Ebenal proved once again that he has “The Gift”, as it is called in the racing profession.

Finishing his rookie AFR [Asia Formula Renault] season with an unbelievable 4 pole positions, 3 wins, and no less than 12 of 14 podiums, Ebenal proved to all that he has unbelievable talent.

However, in the final race of the season, where he only needed to finish the race to seal the Championship, a technical issue struck and Ebenal was unable to start, against his main competitor for the season: Alice Powell of England, who is not only a Formula Renault UK Champion but also an F3 and GP3 competitor.

But Ebenal holds no grudge against Powell or his extremely successful team, PS Racing. As Ebenal said in what might be misinterpreted as a brash style, “That’s racing. When I am on the grid, preferably on pole position of course, I don’t think about who is in the other cars, or what they have done. The point is to win. And if we have technical problems – well, everyone does at some point or another, and hey, it’s just racing.”

After technical difficulties in his final race of the season last Saturday, Ebenal came 2nd to Powell by only 3 points – yet fighting down to hundredths of second, the Formula Renault rookie against the highly accomplished British driver throughout the season for poles and wins.

PS Racing Instructor Pete Olson said “You look at this kid – incredible natural talent. He was born to win, and has come up through the ranks in racing not through a pro racing father or family wealth, but through extremely hard work and sacrifice. I raced with Maxx in Bridgestone in 2008, when he was working as a mechanic, the best we had, 60+ hours a week in order to fund his racing – after a brain seizure relapse that prevented us from competing in 2007. When I won the series in ’07, I knew the only guy that could have had me, was Maxx. He proved it the next year, and I took him out here to China to help him to go pro. When he finally beat my best time out here in last Friday’s practice – well I’ve got to admit I was jealous – but it quickly gave way to pure pride. Pride for Maxx, and pride for a Canadian, when I knew, without a doubt, that Maxx would be on the podium for the season finish and take home the trophy for Canada.”

Maxx Ebenal is looking to take his talent back to his native Canada and bring the glory next season once again, in the North America Star Mazda Pro Series – one of the final steps on the ‘racing ladder’ up to INDY.

Interested parties can follow Maxx and reach him and his agent at:

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